Respect Mechanic

And after a long period of silence, a new project. Which is a continuation of an old project.

At one point I was working on ideas for a game. While the mechanic itself is useless outside of a game, I figured it would probably be better to just code it. Very basic stuff, but it’ll work for a framework.

The code is here: RespectSnippet.cs

The idea originally:
A combination of respect from tenure, deeds and rank.
i.e Jean-Luc Picard has a high respect value. His subordinates trust him strongly and are willing to put in the extra mile and their faith will make them more likely to survive risky orders
Deanna Troi does not. She has some from rank, but subordinates are likely to put in lesser effort and are more likely to die on risky orders.
That way leveling has it’s own manifest reward, and it’s the best wy I can simulate being a highly respected military leader.
so Easy Mode would put you at high respect, Hard mode at low. (and will start you out with appropriately flavored ranks and intro text.)
(it also lets deeds and such influence this value)

This idea was from ~2010, so it’s quite thoroughly dead, and I doubt I’ll do anything, so it’s more coded as an exercise in coding something. Basically.


ETA: … forgot code display is a bad thing.


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