The Great Slipstream War

This article came out of a joke in a chatroom. I submitted it to the news service for the game attached to the chatroom (starbase 118) but they haven’t published it, and they might not want to. I’m not sure I could disagree.

The Great Slipstream War,

by Sharia, S.D, PhD Xenoarcheology, Taiga, K.L PhD Stellar Dynamics, and Aleria T.O., PhD Xenopaleoarchaeology

Abstract: Research on many formerly Iconian worlds as well as those who belonging to a mysterious second civiilzation argues that while the Iconians had their portal network, this second civilization had some super fast method of transport. With the advent of publicly available Slipstream, we can now conclude this civilization had Slipstream transit. The sheer level of destruction circa -200,000 BCE Earth Calendar points to this as a very likely reason of the collapse of the Iconian Empire. Additional evidence of stellar deaths too early in their life cycle, as recovered from secondary indications argues that this war was extremely brutal, with likely collateral damage.

Of interest are the areas known as the Shoals, an area on the border of the Federation that has unnaturally high particle density preventing high warp and slipstream through, and the Thiaki Region, a newly discovered region of space coreward of the Federation, which has been explored only by Warp 2 capable probes due to the unique astrographical restrictions. These show rampant signs of a war with weapons beyond what the current galactic civilization contains, as well as a precautionary guideline in the future development and application of current weaponry.

Acknowledgements: This article contains research done by many Starfleet vessels and ran by the Federation Science Council. We also have some data gathered by a Cardassian science expedition to the Thiaki region. We are indebted to all of the above.




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