Character Draft: Lt. Kylindra

Author’s Note: This is a character that got dropped due to my inactivity. Archiving the concept here for posterity. Has a few injokes.. but really, this is just here for posterity.


Name: Kylindra Terain
Position: Chief Science Officer
Vital Stats: F, Human, 36.
152 cm, 68 kg
Physical Desc: Short and looking a bit like a typical Caucasian female, Kylindra tends to get lost in a crowd to all but very close friends, and this is something she aims for.

Father: Allen Terain (deceased, 2380)
Mother: Mariele Terain (missing 2356)

Spouse/Children/Brother/Sister: None
Family : None (that she knows of)

Overview: Kylindra is a quiet observant person, often used to fading in the background or simply being passively there, saving up her moments of activity for when she feels she has something relevant to say. However, she did once entertain the idea of a singing career, and has a bit of a hidden humorous side she keeps under lock and key.

Ambitions: To publish and present in front of the Vulcan Science Academy; To come up with a way to resolve shield types in a way to make them more useful.

Hobbies & Interests: Singing, Boardgaming, Building (usually in the holodeck for obvious reasons)

Personal History:
Kylindra’s mother was a famous researcher and inventor in the field of subspace weaponry. Her father, Allen Terain, was an administrator of a growing colony on what was then the Federation’s rimward frontier. However, her mother disappeared in 2356, and her father in grief obsessed on making his daughter more like his wife. While she was allowed to have some degree of choice at first, her father pushed her to become more like her mother. This cut her possible future as a singer short, and while she kept up to a minor degree, the increasing pressure, tutors and trips her father would take to give her ‘the best’ education meant that her expectations and career were dictated for her. Until Kylindra purposely took the entrance exams to Starfleet Academy without her father’s knowledge. Accepted at age 17, she left in 2373, shortly before the onset of the Dominion War.

First assigned to the USS Akagi, she had her first experience of being a Tactical officer, as it was what the ship needed during war time, but reverted back to a Science officer at the end of the war. Adjusting to the end of the war, Kylindra had hoped that her getting a few papers published on subspace weaponry’s after effects – especially the after effects of her time serving during Battle Group Omega, would get her more respect from her father, but it was not to be. When her father died in 2380, they had not yet reconciled. Oddly though, in 2386, she got her first hint that her mother wasn’t dead.. and might be working for Starfleet. However, Kylindra was never able to verify the rumour and decided that focusing on her own job might work better.

Service History:
2373 – Graduated
2373 – 2375 Served on USS Akagi, rose to the rank of Lt. JG
2375 – 2376 Reassigned to Starbae 385.
2376 – 2384 USS Valiant, promoted from Lt JG to Lt.
2384 – 2388 USS Fubuki, promoted to Lt. Cmdr.

Sample Post:
Kylindra sipped her tea as she examined the feeds in the dark and deserted science lab. They were examining an odd subspace ripple that prevented warp travel near a nebula. With her knowledge in subspace phenomena and mechanics, she was leading the project on figuring it out. Although, there were times when she suspected her Chief was grooming her for his replacement. Commander Sun-sin wanted to be able to retire to his colony in accordance with tradition to mourn his father’s passing, and she knew the Captain had told him to have a replacement ready.

‘Not that the Captain would think I’m going to work out.’ Kylindra was amused that neither the first officer or captain seemed to remember her name. Granted, she had to develop the behavior early to fade in, but.. she refocused on the data flow. There was something aberrant about it, but she had already ruled out the sensors. Something familiar.. something she couldn’t place her finger on. It reminded her of something.. Kylindra’s thoughts were abruptly interrupted as she suddenly noticed the tea was empty. With a wry smile, Kylindra looked at her holowatch. It was time for a break.

Walking to the nearby lounge, she put the cup in the replicator and looked around. Midshift was always deserted, and she only saw one engineer in the lounge. She got a new cup of tea, and sat down to look out at the nebula. A beautiful red-blue swirling mess, she frowned. There was a mass of electrical discharges visible, but oddly, she didn’t remember seeing large scale discharges in the data. Odd. This mystery just got more interesting.

‘Let’s see. Aberrant data.. discharges not visible on the sensors.’ Kylindra’s eyes widened. ‘There’s a naturally occurring dampening field hiding some of what’s going on-‘ before she sees what looks to be weapons fire that had just missed the Fubuki. Kylindra narrowed her eyes, headed back to her general station. Lt. Torina was on duty, and given the reaction time, she anticipated she’d make it halfway there before the red alert would go off.. and she wasn’t disappointed. Looks like tonight’s mystery and quiet were over for now. A shame, as she was looking forward to it.


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