Old Article

Author’s Note: This was published on a RP group’s ‘in character’ news service. I found it while sorting through old notebooks. Posting it here for posterity. The Newest Menace: Pirates By Lixa Dansha I hope I’ve caught your attention with that title. While piracy has been a small trend throughout the federation, recently it’s become […]

Character Draft: Lt. Kylindra

Author’s Note: This is a character that got dropped due to my inactivity. Archiving the concept here for posterity. Has a few injokes.. but really, this is just here for posterity.   Name: Kylindra Terain Position: Chief Science Officer Vital Stats: F, Human, 36. 152 cm, 68 kg Black/Gray Physical Desc: Short and looking a bit […]

The Great Slipstream War

This article came out of a joke in a chatroom. I submitted it to the news service for the game attached to the chatroom (starbase 118) but they haven’t published it, and they might not want to. I’m not sure I could disagree. The Great Slipstream War, by Sharia, S.D, PhD Xenoarcheology, Taiga, K.L PhD […]

Respect Mechanic

And after a long period of silence, a new project. Which is a continuation of an old project. At one point I was working on ideas for a game. While the mechanic itself is useless outside of a game, I figured it would probably be better to just code it. Very basic stuff, but it’ll […]


ODIN (Orbital Defense and Interception Network) Built by the United States of America in the late 21st century (first satellite launched in 2066, last satellite launched in 2078, final activation on September 15th 2078, the idea was to provide a missile shield as well as a platform of aggression. The brainchild of Dr. Adria Greenchild, the […]

Historical Calendar: Martian Cycle (MC)

(Author’s Note: This is actually based off a real life calendar. See: Martian Business Calendar and Darian Calendar for more details.) Martian Cycle (MC) The problems of a calendar for Mars have been something that has been considered since the late 19th century. With the foundation of the first colony, a local calendar became paramount. In […]